About Us

About Us

Manuel Amaro Caetano Lda. was founded from a knowledge established over generations; a companhy which for over 50 years brings you the very best in traditional Portuguese sausages.

Based on the traditional Portuguese recipes, we manufacture a wide range of hams and sausages, which year after year satisfy the palates of the Portuguese.

With a network of customers from North to South, in many sectors, committed to a local service to customers, with a team of sales and service delivery itself, which allows us to ensure a personalized and continuous from the time of presentation and dissemination of products to delivery and after sales from them.

Ever since we learned to respect the traditional values of the products they manufacture, responding to market with a complete range of unique and varied products.

Desde sempre, soubemos respeitar os valores tradicionais dos produtos que fabricamos, respondendo ao mercado com uma completa gama de produtos únicos e variados.