Health and Nutrition

Health and Nutrition

Nutrition is an essential factor in maintaining health. Eating habits, ie, the types of food chosen by people to be part of their usual diet, as well as the preparation of these foods, widely vary from country to country, and there is a common denominator in terms of consumption of ham and sausages. Ever since the hams and sausages are part of the so-called "Mediterranean diet", consolidating the eating habits of the peoples of the Mediterranean basin, a sort of oasis of nature in all its splendor, full sun, meadows and sea.

All this is reflected in its cuisine full of colour, aroma and flavour.

Today, we know that it is most appropriate to prevent or treat illnesses resulting from an excessive or unbalanced diet. Numerous studies indicate that its adherents are much less likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome, heart disease or cancer.

The role of Mediterranean diet of ham ...

Common product in the Iberian cuisine, it is one of the most appreciated culinary jewels, and has its presence in the Portuguese daily.

Already in ancient Rome, the event of killing the pig where there were experts who performed the cooks called "vicarius above scenes". The most appreciated part was the leg (ham) and only the residents of greater purchasing power could consume it.

Rich in iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, protein and vitamins, the ham is an essential element in the "Mediterranean diet", having nutrients needed for day to day and unsaturated fats that are beneficial to the human body.