Food Quality and Safety

Food Quality and Safety


Through a rigorous internal and external control of the entire production process, we commit ourselves to customers and consumers, in order to ensure safe food, in terms of food practices promoting health and environmental sustainability and ensuring all Quality and Tradition of our manufacturing. Promoting and ensuring food safety is now part of the demands of an increasingly global market in order to ensure confidence and consumer loyalty.



Since the safety of the food we produce is one of our top priorities, we have implemented a system Food Safety Management System based on the HACCP application, covering all products and processes from the procurement of raw materials to the distribution of the final product to our customers.



Our control of traceability has been implemented to ensure access to quality control at every stage of production. So we know the location and condition of any raw material, ingredient and production phase, processing and logistics, thereby ensuring an effective quality control. All our production is controlled and we assure the traceability of our manufacturing using a batch manufacturing management.


NP EN ISO 9001/2015


As ISO 9001/2015 certification is a guarantee for consumers, we are certified by this standard until 30-12-2020.

Internally this certification is a management tool that adds value to the organization, improves process performance, controls operating costs and enhances existing resources.