Company History

Company History

The History of a Family


Manuel Amaro Caetano the family patriarch, was the one founding the company with the same name, Manuel Amaro Caetano - Macal in 1958..

With clearly rural roots, from Beira Baixa and Alentejo, the founder bet on the Lisbon market.

Leaving behind a rural life of 40 years, he arrives in Lisbon with the aim of having the Lisboetas know the taste of the best delicacies of Beiras.

So he starts selling, in the Lisbon area, all types of cheeses and traditional sausages from the deep country of Portugal.

His sons Arnaldo Caetano and Antonio Caetano soon began collaborating with him, helping to consolidate the company and expand into new markets. .


With the knowledge acquired in this trade of charcuterie, he began producing the same in the 70s, always with the same objective of having people know the tradition and genuine flavour of Portuguese hams and sausages, meeting the highest standards of quality, already so well-known and appreciated for their flavour of traditional seasonings .

This tradition remains nowadays, combined with new technologies and generations of the family, who knew how to respect and perpetuate the knowledge and tastes of other times ...