Salpicão (traditional sausage), 5 unit package

Salpicão (traditional sausage), 5 unit package


Sausage made with a combination of carefully selected pork, shovels and streaky bacon, cut into relatively large pieces and seasoned with ground pepper, wine, salt, garlic, spices and preservatives. It has a cylindrical shape with a reddish brown colour, and its inner aspect consists of a perfectly connected marbled mass and homogeneous red colour. Its length varies between 10 and 15 cm, its approximate diameter is 50 mm, and its weight from 200 to 250 grs.

Treatment: Heat and smoked from holmoak

Storage: Keep it a cool and dry place

Validity: 120 days

Suggestions: It can be eaten raw, sliced very thinly, as an aperitif or with a regional bread, or consumed with dishes of Portuguese cuisine.

Additional product information

Wrapping Protective Atmosphere
Unit Ref. Weight 1,3 kgs
Unit(s) per Box 4
Sales KG
Minimum Order 1 box

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