Extra Meat Chorizo

Extra Meat Chorizo


Sausage made with a combination of selected pork, shovels and streaky bacon, cut into small pieces and seasoned with ground pepper, wine, salt, garlic, spices and preservatives. It has a mild flavour which is conferred by a prolonged cure. It has a horseshoe shape, it is cylindrical and reddish brown. The interior is characterized by a perfectly connected and marbled mass, with an homogeneous red colour. Its length ranges from 30 to 35 cm, with diameter about 35 mm and weight 200 to 250 grs.

Treatment: Heat and smoked from holmoak

Packaging: A protective atmosphere

Storage: Keep it a cool and dry place

Validity: 120 days

Suggestions: Ideal to be eaten raw in thin slices, with a regional good bread, grilled, fried or cooked to serve with dishes of traditional Portuguese cuisine.

Additional product information

Wrapping Protective Atmosphere
Unit Ref. Weight 1,5 kgs
Unit(s) per Box 4
Sales KG
Minimum Order 1 box

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