Macal Ham Awarded in Brussels


selo.jpgOur well-know Macal 9 month cured ham was acknowledged with the “Superior Taste Award”



A quality seal in flavour granted by opinion leaders, Michelin awarded Chefs and Sommeliers.

The International Taste & Quality Institute iTQi (, Brussels, is a leading and independent organisation composed by Chefs and Sommeliers dedicated to the evaluation, prestige and promotion of food and beverages delicacies worldwide.

Like the famous and well-known Michelin guide, the iTQi does not organise a competition per se; instead it grants rewards to the products themselves based on their merit.



To attribute the scores, each product is submitted to a blind tasting and a rigorous sensorial analysis process.


The Jury’s objectivity

All the members of the jury receive a sample of the product at the same time and are informed about the category to which the product belongs. This is the only additional information provided, nothing is mentioned regarding the origin of the product, and it isn’t allowed for them to see the products’ packaging, in order to guarantee an evaluation strictly based on the palate and sensorial elements.


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